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Top 10 Motorcycle Accident Lawyers of Los Angeles {UPDATED}

Motorcyclists who are engaged in accidents are at a significant risk of being injured, which can result in expensive hospital visits and lost wages.

In most accidents, it is a useful idea to call a personal injury lawyer after a motorcycle accident.

The consequence of a motorcycle accident can be a difficult time, physically and financially.

In case to get compensation for your damages, you will need a professional motorcycle accident attorney. The injuries in a motorcycle accident are always serious.

With little protection for the rider, a collision with the road and/or other vehicles can result in a wide range of injuries.

A motorcyclist is about 28 more to decease in an accident than a passenger vehicle holder, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Motorcyclists are also much more likely to experience severe damages.

Some common injuries because of a motorcycle accidents are listed below:

  • Broken bones
  • Skull fractures
  • Traumatic brain damages
  • Spinal cord traumas
  • Lower extremity pains
  • Internal destructions
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash

Permanent injuries are common in severe motorcycle accidents. Collision survivors sometimes live with the repercussions of their accidents for life.

Common long-term injuries comprise brain damage, paralysis, and physical defects. Motorcyclists may also be hurt emotionally and psychologically from the pain of a crash.

Acting with a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer can enable you to fight for extreme compensation for your motorcycle damages, containing tangible and intangible damages. Some best lawyers are listed below so that you could get help in this regard.

1: C. Ray Carlson

Ray Carlson is dealing with personal injury cases for the past 40 years. Its lawyers defend the rights of its client and help them seek justice from damages and severe traumas received because of accidents or the carelessness of others, they have also supported clients file civil actions and claim economical compensation on cases comprising product liability, wrongful death, and tragic destructions. C. Ray Carlson provides help to its clients in Motorcycle accidents.

2: Arash khorsandi

Arash is one of the most popular lawyers in the state, and he belongs to the attorneys of the Arash law group.

Arash Law gives help to individuals who have been damaged by the carelessness of others.

It has over 30 years of experience in defending the rights of personal injury clients in Los Angeles.

This law group deals with auto accident cases comprising cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Its team of lawyers seeks economical compensation for the medical expenses, lost income, and injury and pain of its clients.

3: Belal Hamideh

This Law Group is a well-known law firm of personal accident lawyers in Los Angeles. It concentrates on personal damage law, containing car and motorcycle accidents.

It helps clients to recover injuries for medical expenditures, emotional injury, and other out-of-pocket expenditures and helps damaged clients seek medication.

Lawyers of Belal Hamideh are educated from UCLA and appointed to the best 40 by The National Trial Lawyers.

4: Darren McCartney

Isa famous lawyer of the law firm, Darren belongs to the DTLA law group? DTLA Law Group provides legal help for damage and accident trials to clients in Los Angeles.

The firm deals with clients in motorcycle accidents resulted in poor roads, unsafe line changes, unlicensed drivers, and side-impact crashes.

The firm also covers claims of insurance of the death. Other areas of practice contain police cars, Uber, and rental accidents.

5: Farid yaghoubtil

Farid is a lawyer who provides personals injury legal help to his client. He is one of the top lawyers in Los Angeles.

He deals with clients in case of motorcycle accidents as well as in-car accidents resulted from poor roads or carelessness of others.

Farid is a well-educated and experienced lawyer.

6: Barin Beecher

Beecher is also a well-known and one of the most popular attorneys throughout the state who provides help to his clients in case of car, motorcycle, bus, and truck accidents.

He is a well-experienced lawyer of the state. He has the ability to facilitate justice to his clients.

He deals with clients who suffered in motorcycle accidents resulted in poor roads, unsafe line changes, unlicensed drivers, and side-impact crashes.

7: Sherry grant

Grant is a lawyer of law group to cover car accident cases as well as motorcycle accident cases.

Krepack, Gordon, Edelstein, Grant, Felton & Goldstein LLP is a law firm in Los Angeles and the sherry grant belongs to this law firm. This firm is also providing service to all of California for over 30 years.

The firm deals with personal damage cases including automotive, trucking, motorcycle, accidents.

Other areas of practice contain general fault and families with death claims. Well-known car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, this law firm provides services in both English and Spanish languages.

8: Micheal Avanesian

Is a lawyer of a law firm of JT, having experience of nine years?  JT Legal Group is a personal injury or accident law firm with award-achieving California personal injury as well as accident lawyers.

This law firm has over 35 years of experience and deals with personal injury cases for clients contained in car, van, and motorcycle and fall accidents.

JT Legal Group also helps his clients in cases comprising ride accidents, helping his injured clients to adjust for acceptable settlements that contain medical expenses, lost wages, emotional discomfort, and pain and injury.

9: Haleh Shekarchian

Shekarchian is an accidental firm in Los Angeles, that has been providing help to injured clients and their families since 1993.

Its lawyers cover personal injury cases containing auto, truck, bus, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents.

The firm also deals with clients included in building accidents, and other animal attacks hit and run accidents.

This firm helps his injured clients to adjust for acceptable settlements that contain medical expenses, lost wages, emotional discomfort, and pain and injury.

10: Joseph Sherzi

Joseph sherzi Compass law group has eleven years of experience in the law field.

Compass Law Group PC is an accident law firm that represents citizens in the Los Angeles area who are dealing with drastic damages as an outcome of personal accidents.

The firm takes issues involving crashes, rollovers, Uber and Lyft accidents, and motorcycles accidents, barfly driving, and criminal death.

The firm’s lawyers are experienced. who also has years of law background.

They use their skills to adjust and litigate fair settlements that contain compensation for lost wages, medical expenditures, improvement, pain, and injury for their clients.


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