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Top 10 Best Car Insurance in Florida USA {2022}

To locate the best car insurance companies in Florida.

Florida law needs drivers to have a least auto liability insurance of $10,000 for PIP.

Professionals hired to choose the companies to promote on this list based on 2022 client satisfaction ranking from J.D. Power & Associates, normal 2022 rates as reported by Quadrant Information Services, coverage choices, discounts, and special services.

Car insurance rates in Florida can be average $1,101 yearly for minimum coverage and $2,364 yearly for complete coverage.

Described in relation to the national average of car insurance, Florida drivers spend almost $700 more for coverage than drivers in the U.S.A. as a whole, where the average complete coverage premium is $1,674 annually.

The premium jump may be due in part to Florida’s shoreside area and its resulting susceptibility to inclement weather such as tropical cyclones, storms, and tornadoes.

1: Allstate Florida car insurance

Allstate is the top car insurance provider for the state of Florida for overall clients fulfillment established on J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Car Insurance Satisfaction Study.

Lower-risk drivers pay an average rate of $1,485 for least coverage and $2,359 for high coverage with Allstate.

It means that high-risk drivers could pay between $3,452 and $4,884 for car insurance.

Allstate agents provide you information on important coverage decisions, answer any questions and help simplify your experience.

They can help:

  • Find available auto discounts
  • Adjust your coverage, at your request, as your life changes
  • Guide you through the auto claims process

2: Amica Mutual Florida car insurance

Amica Mutual car insurance company is also one of the top car insurance company throughout the country.

While Amica Mutual Florida car insurance company isn’t featured in J.D. Power’s 2021 U.S.

Car Insurance Satisfaction Study for Florida, the company has been indexed as the top car insurance in New England for eight continuous years.

Low-risk drivers can pay between $1,092 for the lowest coverage and $1,440 for full coverage with Amica.

Amica provides up to 15 percent off with its multi-line discount.

3: Florida car insurance

This insurance company’s policy is easy, accessible, and affordable for everyone.

Car Insurance Study for Florida, yet the insurer was featured in most other states scoring just below the regional average for overall client guarantee.

Low-risk drivers in the state of Florida can pay between $1,001 for lowest coverage and $1,657 for full coverage with Farmers.

Secondly, high-risk drivers could spend between $10,276 and $10,819.

When you work with the professional agents at Florida Insurance company you can ensure that you are getting the true car insurance agreement that fulfills your desires at a rate you can afford.

4: Geico Florida car insurance

Geico is one of the most popular insurance company in the state of Florida.

As for premiums, low-risk clients can expect to pay nearly $849 for car insurance with

Geico insurance company. unlike, high-risk Geico customers could pay up to $5,311.

However, it gives a broad range of discounts to make its programs cheaper, containing exclusive savings chances for active-duty military organs.

5: Liberty Mutual Florida car insurance

It is popular due to its easily accessible policies.

Liberty Mutual collected an above-normal customer satisfaction score in J.D. Power’s most new Car Insurance Study for Florida.

Low-risk Liberty Mutual clients in this state can expect to pay between $431 for the smallest coverage and $1,075 full coverage.

Liberty Mutual provides standard auto policies to which you can improve various kinds of optional coverage, containing:

  • Accident forgiveness
  • New car replacement
  • Better car replacement
  • Deductible funds

6: Progressive Florida car insurance

Progressive is a car insurance company that is popular throughout the state because of its affordable policies.

It was one of the top five auto insurers in the state. Low-risk Progressive clients in the state of Florida can pay between $395 for the lowest coverage and $903 for extreme coverage.

High-risk drivers could pay between $1,756 and $3,977.

Progressive provides a long slate of discounts and a broad range of coverage, containing rideshare insurance and coverage for injured in car damage.

7: State Farm Florida car insurance

State farm car insurance company is one the most popular car insurance companies.

Its least-risk State Farm consumers could pay between $276 and $564, being sure of the coverage limits determined, while high-risk drivers could pay between $2,527 and $3,196 for ultimate coverage.

State Farm’s premiums are inexpensive out of all the companies on our list.

It also provides some appealing coverage choices for those who collect antique or vintage cars.

8: Florida Farm Bureau

This is one of the most popular and huge car insurance companies throughout the state which provide affordable policy to his client.

Florida Farm Bureau stands out by giving some of the soft auto insurance rates for elders in Florida.

According to the rates, a retired marital couple could pay as slight as $26 per month for state smallest coverage and $118 for complete coverage if they share a car.

This is about $30 less per month than the normal amounts from regional candidates.

Florida Farm Bureau agents are accessible by phone and in regional offices spread across the state, which may be suitable for elders who feel left behind by quickly advancing technology in the insurance business.

9: American Family

This is one of the most popular and huge car insurance companies throughout the state which provide affordable policy to his client.

American Family is provided with a variety of unique coverages that you might not find elsewhere.

Covering these with your auto coverage could save you money according to your policy.

American Family provides a standard auto insurance coverage kinds plus a few more alternatives, containing these:

  • Gap insurance
  • Ridesharing coverage
  • Accidental death

10: Travelers

Travelers provide a wide range of coverage choices and discounts to enable you to customize your car insurance policy.

Travelers have an outstanding history of paying claims, the core business of an insurance company, and also indexed extremely for discounts and economical stability.

They also give some unique coverage, such as coverage for marriages or other big incidents. Over the standard coverage alternatives, Travelers has more auto insurance choices accessible included.

  • Gap insurance
  • Ridesharing insurance
  • IntelliDrive
  • Premium new car replacement.

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