Top 10 Cheap Car Insurance in Nebraska

Cheap Car Insurance in Nebraska

Make sure you have the insurance coverage you need to navigate this enormous state safely if you plan to visit the universities in Omaha or Lincoln, or perhaps the Durham Museum.

This vast area of territory, which is located right in the center of the United States, includes the Great Plains plains, spectacular rock formations, Sand Hills dunes, and more. Looking for cheap auto insurance?

Although the monthly average in the state of $199 is slightly more than the national average, there are several ways to cut costs.

Shopping around and comparing coverage is the quickest approach to finding the best rates on Nebraska auto insurance.

Auto insurance in Nebraska is relatively inexpensive, with the minimal coverage costing as little as $216 per year.

The lowest vehicle insurance in Nebraska for full coverage packages costs about $1,044 a year.

The Home Media reviews team has investigated Nebraska auto insurance providers to determine which ones provide competitively priced, high-quality coverage.

How much does Nebraska car insurance cost?

In Nebraska, the average cost of a full coverage auto insurance policy is $1,622 annually or roughly $135 monthly.

That amounts to around 6% less than the $1,730 yearly or $144 monthly national average.

Nebraska Minimum Coverage Car Insurance Cost

The average cost of minimum coverage auto insurance in Nebraska is $417 per year or about $35 per month.

The Cornhusker State’s minimal liability insurance is around 34% less than the national average, which is $635 per year or $53 per month, giving drivers access to some of the nation’s most affordable coverage.

Cost-Related Elements for Car Insurance

The cost of the cheapest vehicle insurance in Nebraska is determined by a variety of factors by auto insurers.

Icons illustrate the variables affecting the price of auto insurance.

The following is a list of some of the major elements that can have an impact on your Nebraska auto insurance rates:

Location: Drivers in Nebraska’s more populated places, such as Omaha and Lincoln, may pay a higher rate.

Age: Younger and teen drivers frequently pay more for comparable vehicle insurance coverage than other drivers.

Driving record: Even the cheapest auto insurance alternatives in Nebraska will probably cost more for drivers with a recent car accident, a speeding ticket, or a DUI conviction.

Credit history: In Cornhusker State, anyone with a low credit score may anticipate paying expensive vehicle insurance premiums.

Gender: Although the gap isn’t usually significant, young males frequently earn more than women of comparable age.

Marital status: Rates for single drivers are often higher than for married drivers.

Vehicle: Your prices are influenced by the make, model, age, and mileage of your vehicle.

Deductible: Drivers in Nebraska that have greater deductibles probably enjoy some of the most affordable auto insurance rates. After a claim, they’ll need to make further out-of-pocket payments.

Nebraska Car Insurance Cost

Depending on your age, Nebraska’s lowest vehicle insurance has vastly varied rates.

Full coverage auto insurance costs an average of $6,074 per year for 16-year-olds, compared to $1,749 per year for 30-year-old drivers.

Cheapest 16-year-olds’ car insurance in Nebraska

Although 16-year-olds in Nebraska will still have to pay expensive premiums for auto insurance, the cost shouldn’t exceed $6,000.

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska charges an average annual fee of $2,891, which is significantly fairer.

Cheapest 17-year-olds’ car insurance in Nebraska

Although rates for drivers under the age of 17 are generally slightly higher than those for drivers over the age of 17, they are nonetheless high for those under the age of 17.

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska frequently offers the most affordable vehicle insurance in Nebraska for 17-year-olds, and it costs on average $2,812 a year.

Cheapest 18-year-olds’ car insurance in Nebraska

Farmers Mutual of Nebraska frequently offers the cheapest auto insurance rates in Nebraska for drivers under the age of 18. The provider charges an average of $2,536 annually.

Cheapest car insurance in Nebraska for drivers under 21

Drivers’ rates start to drastically decline as they obtain more driving expertise. The cheapest vehicle insurance rates in Nebraska for drivers under the age of 21—an average of $1,668 yearly from USAA—show that.

Cheapest 25-year-olds’ car insurance in Nebraska

The best option for Nebraska’s cheapest vehicle insurance for 25-year-olds is USAA.

When they are 25 years old, eligible drivers pay an average of $1,298 for full coverage from the provider.

Nebraska’s most affordable auto insurance

After a Speeding Ticket If you’re seeking affordable auto insurance in Nebraska after receiving a ticket for speeding, you should look into Nationwide, which offers an average annual premium of $1,155.

Nebraska’s most affordable auto insurance Following an Accident

If you cause an accident, your Nebraska auto insurance premiums will be higher than those of persons with spotless driving records.

According to Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, those who cause accidents shell out an average of $1,331 a year for full coverage.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Nebraska.

Every vehicle in Nebraska must adhere to the state’s auto insurance requirements.

The state’s required minimum coverage limits are summarized here. Insurance coverage for bodily injury liability: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Liability insurance for property damage: $25,000 per incident

Coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident.

As part of the state’s minimal requirements, drivers must acquire uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage.

Nebraska’s typical rates are on the lower end, despite the fact that its vehicle insurance limits are a little bit higher than those of many other states.

Additional Car Insurance Types

Drivers are advised to go beyond the cheapest car insurance in Nebraska since these policies frequently fall short of meeting their needs in the event of an accident.

Here are a few well-liked extra auto insurance options:

Collision coverage is necessary if you want to protect your car because liability insurance only covers harm to other vehicles.

Comprehensive coverage: If your car is damaged by theft, vandalism, or extreme weather like flooding, your comprehensive insurance will pay for those repairs.

No matter whether the driver was at blame for the collision, MedPay covers your medical expenses following one.

It is comparable to personal injury protection (PIP) but is only available in places where there is negligence, like Nebraska.

Many lenders demand that you have comprehensive collision insurance if you lease or finance an automobile.

Bundling car insurance with your other policies, such as your homeowners and renters insurance, is a great method to reduce the cost of your Nebraska auto insurance.

Nebraska Car Insurance: How to Get Coverage

When looking for the finest coverage alternatives, comparing auto insurance quotes from several providers is simple.

Regardless of your coverage needs or financial constraints, it is usually the most effective method for locating the cheapest auto insurance in Nebraska.

Check out USAA, Farmers Mutual of Nebraska, State Farm, North Star Mutual, and Progressive, which we highly recommend.

Each of these companies often provides motorists in the Cornhusker State with coverage at a reasonable price and top-notch customer care.

Top Ten Cheapest Car Insurance Companies in Nebraska:

Here is a detailed description of the top ten Recommended Cheapest car insurance companies that provide the Best car insurance quotes to their clients,

All these Car insurance companies provide different policies and benefits to their clients but due to their rating, you can clearly decide, which insurance company should be chosen for Car Insurance in Nebraska.

Best Car Insurance in Nebraska.


Military Discounts

J.D. Power’s regional score: 879 out of 1,000. Rating for highest financial stability: A++. A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Only service personnel, veterans, and their immediate families are eligible for the low auto insurance that USAA offers.

High customer satisfaction ratings are given to the business, and its financial stability has received top marks.

Farmer mutual of Nebraska:

Affordable Basic Coverage

Regional J.D. Power rating: Not rated. AM Best grade for financial stability: A BBB rating: A+

Although Farmers Mutual of Nebraska doesn’t offer a wide variety of coverages, those looking for straightforward auto insurance should give them some thought.

Drivers in the entire Cornhusker State can get affordable coverage from the Lincoln-based service.

It also enjoys a sound financial position and generally favorable client feedback.

State farm:

J.D. Power regional rating for Most Popular Provider: 843/1,000

AM Best ranking for financial stability: A++

A BBB rating. For those contemplating full coverage, State Farm offers some of the most affordable auto insurance rates in Nebraska.

Despite being the biggest auto insurance in the country, State Farm provides a regional touch by placing agents all throughout the area.

The business consistently receives above-average marks for customer service, which suggests that many Nebraska drivers are happy.

North Star Mutual:

Outstanding Customer Service

Regional J.D. Power rating: Not rated

AM Best ranking for financial stability: A+

A+ for BBB rating. Although North Star Mutual is a small company, it is renowned for providing outstanding customer service to its clients throughout the Upper Midwest.

In addition, AM Best has awarded the business an outstanding financial strength grade, which is particularly impressive given its relatively small size.


Discounted Rates for Dangerous Drivers

Regional J.D. Power rating: 820/1,000

AM Best ranking for financial stability: A+

BBB grade: F

For people who have been identified as high-risk drivers, such as those with at-fault accidents or DUIs on their records, Progressive is a fantastic option. To assist clients in saving on coverage, it also provides auto insurance reductions.

Remember that Progressive received a below-average rating from the BBB and an F rating and that it also scored poorly in the J.D. Power 2022 U.S.

Insurance Shopping StudySM. Progressive was contacted by our review team for a response regarding its BBB and J.D. Power ratings, but we did not hear back.

Lowa Farm bureau:

Iowa Farm Bureau is a membership organization that sells insurance in Nebraska as well as other states, despite the name possibly being confusing.

If you sign up, you might also be eligible for perks in other areas of your life, such as exclusive discounts at different hotels and resorts and from well-known companies like John Deere and Ford.

Roadside assistance, replacement cost insurance, and a telematics program called Driveology are some of the optional coverages offered by the Iowa Farm Bureau.

By not making any claims and having low annual mileage, you could be able to save money.

Teenager drivers, who are normally more expensive to insure, are also eligible for discounts from Iowa Farm Bureau.


Even though Allstate has the most expensive premiums on our list, it can still be worthwhile to work with them. The company provides a wide range of savings and coverage alternatives.

You can alter your policy by including ridesharing, roadside assistance, and sound system coverage. Additionally, you might be able to save money by adding certain safety features to your car, making a full payment, or establishing automated payments.

Allstate could be an excellent option if you’re looking for a business with lots of internet tools.

You may examine your policy, pay your bill, and view ID cards on the company’s website. J.D. Power gave Allstate an above-average rating for claims service.


Most drivers should select Geico as their insurance provider company. Along with Farmers and Nationwide, it is tied for third place as the best insurance provider company.

Geico has got scores in terms of customer service, policy renewals, claims handling, customer recommendations, and customer loyalty, according to data from our analysis.

If you’re looking for the cheapest auto insurance company, Geico is an excellent choice because it offers the second-lowest premiums in our survey. With an average price of $1,148 for 2022, Geico is the second-cheapest auto insurance provider in our analysis.

With a $1,148 average rate, it is 25% less expensive than the national average. Only USAA offers less expensive coverage, with an average cost of $1,000.

Although Geico normally offers higher rates than USAA, its average rates for drivers with bad credit are the lowest.

Farm Bureau:

At $336 a year, Farm Bureau offers the cheapest vehicle insurance for a minimal liability policy.

The estimates from Farm Bureau are 39% less expensive than Nebraska’s average minimum liability coverage price.

For minimum liability coverage, the average cost of auto insurance in Nebraska is $552 annually or $46 monthly.


provides low-mileage drivers with affordable car insurance rates. Through Nationwide Smart Miles, Nationwide offers a reliable pay-per-mile auto insurance policy in Nebraska.

It assesses a base fee and a variable fee based on the number of miles you travel.

A road trip is also exempt from the rule; just the first 250 miles in a single day are taken into account. If you practice safe driving, you may also be eligible for a 10% discount.

Pay-per-mile insurance may be more expensive than a typical auto insurance policy if you drive frequently.


As a result, you must compare auto insurance ratings from several firms. Once you have these, you may assess each company’s communication efforts. You may wish to investigate the cost of insurance products further.

You must also evaluate each company’s payment policies. By following the two methods outlined above, you will be able to find the best rates from the top vehicle insurance company.

When looking for the cheapest car insurance company, you might consider insurance firms that charge higher monthly, quarterly, and annual premiums.

These businesses typically offer a wide range of services as well as additional coverage or reduced deductibles.

You should be careful of insurance firms that charge a higher cost for high levels of poverty and coverage.

Several insurance firms charge a hefty premium for their coverage.

However, numerous clients are looking for coverage that fits their budgets while still meeting their auto insurance demands.

Businesses that are happy to direct relevant data concerning their insurance policies and provide adequate time for you to analyze and choose the best insurance policy that meets your demands and budget are indicators of good insurance companies.

Finally, an insurance provider that is happy to provide you with crucial information about their policies and who allows you enough time to deliberate before selecting the insurance that is most suited to your needs is a good sign.

Otherwise, the absence of such an initiative from a corporation indicates that you may not take them into account.


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