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Call of Duty Gaming Chair Warzone Red By Eureka Ergonomic

As a gamer, you’ll know the importance of a great, supportive chair- when gaming sessions can last for hours the last thing you want is to end up with a sore back or a crick in your neck.

So an ergonomic gaming chair is a must- in fact, you should see this piece of kit as being just as important as your gaming computer and sound setup! And what could be a better choice for your chair than one that’s officially licensed by Call of Duty?

A gaming company that’s recognized by the community, and clearly understands the needs of gamers.

They’ve come up with a product that provides everything you need to stay comfortable, protect your back and neck while you’re sitting, and generally improve your gaming experience.

The Warzone Red gaming chair boasts the following features:  

Removable Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

Removable Headrest and Lumbar Pillow

Say goodbye to neck and lower back pain. The lumbar pillow supports your lower back to distribute weight and reduce back strain.

It helps your spine maintain its natural curve and reduces pressure on your low back.

The headrest cushion supports your head and neck to relieve strain and keep you comfortable.

Both of these are removable, which keeps the chair feeling comfortable when you’re sitting at different angles too. 

Adjustable Armrests  GAMING_CHAIR Adjustable Armrests

Do you ever find that armrests on chairs are too high or too low, meaning they don’t offer enough support?

The Warzone Red gaming chair has 4D adjustable armrests that let you set your chair up perfectly for your height.

Essential when you’re holding a controller for long periods.  

Strong Metal Base

The star shape base of the Warzone Red makes sure the chair is safe and stable, giving you the chance to focus properly on the game with no wobble!  

Reclining Backrest

Such an important feature on a good gaming chair. The 90 to 170-degree reclining backrest enables you to find the seating position for you.

It’s easy to change the angle so you can stay comfortable and at a good viewing angle throughout, being able to shift angle and position helps to prevent aches and pains.

The seat’s back is designed to contour your back and distribute weight for comfort during long gaming sessions.  GAMING_CHAIR_WARZONE_RED_-_Features High Quality, Comfortable Chair Materials 

As well as being ergonomic, Call of Duty has ensured that the chair is extremely comfortable too.

The premium high-density foam core keeps you comfortable all day long, providing cushioning and support that won’t squash or sag even when you use the chair for many hours a day.

Breathable leather with carbon fiber texture keeps you cool while you sit. The wood’s formaldehyde is EPA compliant.

All other materials are non-toxic, free of heavy metals, and environmentally friendly. Strict testing standards and third-party inspections.

GAMING_CHAIR_WARZONE_RED We all come in different shapes and sizes meaning standard, non-adjustable gaming chairs might not be comfortable for you.

Being able to set up this chair to perfectly fit your height and adjust to the angles you prefer really sets it apart. https://eurekaergonomic.com/gaming-chairs/ 


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