Top 10 Best Cities for Finance Businesses [PRO GUIDE]

best cities for business

The global economy is becoming more and more dependent on cities, which is related to urbanization. Currently, slightly more than half of all people live in urban areas.

But in 1950, just about a third of the world’s population was affected. Physical urbanization is anticipated to continue in the ensuing decades, according to UN estimates.

The location of the company should allow it to attract customers and build a clientele in the area.

The business should be in a convenient location that appeals to both clients and employees.

The location of a business will have the greatest impact on its first success. Generally general, strive to create a user-friendly website for your business.

The location of the business should allow it to lure customers and develop a clientele in the community.

The optimum location is one that will be convenient for workers, customers, and public transportation.

The owner may experience difficulties interacting with the public, attracting clients, and—most importantly—generating a profit if the location of the business is challenging to reach or, to put it another way, unheard of.

The location of your business will have the biggest impact on how successful it is when you first launch it. In general, one should seek a business location that is simple for customers to get to.

The location of the business should be chosen so that it can attract clients and build a clientele in the neighborhood.

One should pick a site that is convenient for public transportation and desirable to both customers and employees.

The entrepreneur may have trouble reaching out to the general public, building a clientele, and most crucially, turning a profit if the location where the business is located is inaccessible or, to put it simply, unheard of.

Let’s say the business is located someplace unusual or difficult to reach. In that situation, the proprietor might struggle to connect with the broader public, develop a clientele, and—most importantly—make a profit.

A city’s suitability for business is determined in part by factors other than its population and GDP.

The “Economy” section examines the city’s economic health and development. The focus of the component “Business environment” is on infrastructure and logistics.

So if you want to start your business in any city then this article is for you.

In this article, all the factors are discussed keeping in mind the business of each city.  And care has been taken to discuss all the factors that may affect the business in any respect.

The most suitable cities have been selected after their best analysis.  Which can be very helpful for your business.

After searching around on the web and according to the recent survey/statistics, here is my shortlist of Best Cities for Finance Business.

1: Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the global financial center, is ranked first in Statist’s most recent Global Business Cities Ranking.

The fact that Hong Kong is the most well-liked worldwide commercial location on the planet suggests that Asia has recently shifted its economic dominance.

Hong Kong is ideally situated to enable firms to operate globally while having access to highly trained and affordable labor because of its location and lack of restrictions on foreign ownership.

Because they have access to the anticipated expansion of new markets in the region, cities like Hong Kong and Singapore are seen as key business centers.

A few notable financial juggernauts with locations in Hong Kong include Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, and Morgan Stanley.

Of all businesses, 68.2% are located in Hong Kong. An office costs more than $2,297 per square meter on average.

Hong Kong is also well renowned for having one of the largest concentrations of billionaires and extremely wealthy people in the entire globe.

2: London

One of the world’s most important business hubs is London. But in recent years, it has fallen in the ranks as a result of numerous developing economies.

The city continues to lead the world in banking, finance, and professional services, attracting the most global firms in Europe.

Global powerhouses like Rio Tinto and more than 480 foreign banks are based in London.

The city generates more than 20% of the UK’s GDP and draws the greatest number of international visitors worldwide. London is where 63.2% of enterprises are located. The city’s business district is called The City of London.

Its popular moniker is The Square Mile. Services for local governance are provided by the City of London Corporation.

Additionally, it maintains and promotes London as the foremost global financial and commercial hub.

The city works in partnership with neighborhood groups to increase opportunities, jobs, and skills for all Londoners while protecting the city’s history, culture, and green spaces.

3: Paris

Paris is a well-known cultural center on a global scale. Only three cities in Western Europe made the top ten business centers list, including this one.

Paris, like its Western rivals, is home to headquarters for a range of front-office corporate operations due to its contemporary economy and trained workforce.

Automobile and mining companies are underrepresented in Paris, compared to professional services and insurance firms. Companies make up a total of 55.7 percent of the population here.

There are offices in the city for the French banks BNP Paribas and AXA. Actually, the GDP of France is accounted for by the Paris region to some extent.

Paris is a well-known city around the globe for both business and tourism.

Additionally, its economy is strong. Paris is a well-known city around the globe for both business and tourism. Its high concentration of jobs, company starts (8 to 10,000), and several prosperous SMEs/SMIs also support its economic vibrancy.

Paris contributes 30.3% of France’s GDP, which is practically the same as the Netherlands. It has the largest GDP in Europe and 500 million customers.

Paris is home to a wide variety of specialized businesses, including those in the insurance, automotive, logistics, retail, aviation, and food industries, among others, and it has a healthy export rate (18.6% of France’s exports), with the United States, Germany, and the United Kingdom as its top three trading partners.

Paris is sometimes referred to as a city of promise, influence, and attraction when discussing potential investments.

From Disney to Ikea to H&M, a number of major firms have opened offices in Paris.

4: Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the world’s tiniest yet most compact metropolis, drawing commuters from all over the world for business, offering its citizens a luxurious lifestyle, and enjoying tremendous peace during rush hour.

Frankfurt has historically been one of the top three sites in Europe for multinational corporations, after London and Paris.

Furthermore, “Frankfurt” has developed into a significant commercial and exhibition hub with a bustling stock market.

Frankfurt is consequently growing to be one of the most important corporate hubs in Europe for trading, research, production, and rating firms.

5: Amsterdam

Since it has everything you need to run a successful business and is a great place to live, Amsterdam is a superb international location to launch a business.

Furthermore, this city offers 2 million square meters of affordable industrial and office space, compared to other European cities. Employers can scale back on their employees.

It is one of the factors that attracts so many companies to Amsterdam.

Additionally, communicating with local government and city officials is simple for businesspeople.

They don’t have to deal with any bureaucratic hassles in Amsterdam.

6: Tokyo

Among the 47 Japanese Fortune, 500 companies with headquarters in Tokyo are Honda, Sony, and Mitsubishi.

The city is also home to a few of the world’s largest insurance companies and central investment banks.

It is acknowledged as one of the three command hubs of the world economy, together with New York and London.

Tokyo, which is typically ranked first among the most expensive cities in the world, has had a number of setbacks as a result of slow economic growth and natural catastrophes that have hurt the Japanese economy.

Tokyo is regarded as a favorable location for conducting business. Tokyo is home to Japan’s most cutting-edge logistics and transportation network.

7: Singapore

Singapore is the main Asian metropolis on the list. This is because it has evolved into a point of entry for businesses and investors looking to enter one of the consumer markets with the fastest rate of growth in the world (China).

In addition, the city is home to two Fortune 500 companies: the contract electronics manufacturer Flextronics and the commodities trader Wilmar International.

Because of its excellent infrastructure, effective government, low taxes, and busy shipping port and airport, many foreign corporations and their expatriate employees have chosen the island nation.

The fundamental benefit of doing business in Singapore is that, in contrast to many other countries, it is simple to do so.

This is due to the nation’s robust and open economy, low tax rates, first-rate facilities, skilled workforce, and strategic location in Asia.

The unemployment rate in Singapore is low, and the country’s inflation rate is typical.

The city has no foreign public debt, as well. The government also makes smart foreign investments and provides its people with housing, transit, education, and health subsidies.

These factors all point to a strong and stable economy. In addition, foreigners are allowed to own 100% of the stock in a company with Singaporean incorporation without the involvement of any local partners or shareholders.

8: Oslo

Oslo, the capital and largest city of Norway, is the biggest and most populous city in the entire nation.

It is both a county and a municipality. As of September 30, 2021, there were 698,660 people living in the city of Oslo. Norway’s political and economic center in Oslo.

The city serves as the hub for shipping, trade, finance, and industry. It serves as a key hub for trade and the marine industry in Europe.

The city is home to numerous marine businesses, including some of the best shipping companies, shipbrokers, and maritime insurance brokers in the world.

Oslo is also a test city for intercultural cities for the European Commission and Council of Europe.

9: Bristol

After London, Bristol was named the UK’s second-best startup ecosystem.

Thanks to its thriving IT sector and supportive startup climate, Bristol (and neighboring Bath) is swiftly surpassing London as the nation’s top city for entrepreneurship.

With $500 million invested in Bristol overall in 2019, venture capital is streaming into the city.

Other than these, there are a number of the best cities in the world for business that are now supporting new initiatives.

They are extending their financial freedoms to support the growth and success of new businesses.

10: Dubai

Dubai, the world’s largest producer of oil, has transformed the urban landscape via investments in every industry, including banking, trade, luxury, and many more.

And for that reason, Dubai may become the next major business center. Additionally, the city has excellent access to the rest of the world, which increases its appeal as a location for businesses.

A new set of business reforms, including more foreign investment, lower operating costs, and other measures, will also soon be announced by the city and will contribute to the expansion of the economy.

Dubai is therefore ranked fifth among the world’s greatest cities for business.

Based on recent research

Hong Kong, the heart of the world’s financial system, is ranked top in Statista’s most recent Global Business Cities Ranking.

Based on the most pertinent information for corporate choices, the Statista Global Business Cities reports assess economically significant cities from all over the world.

The degree to which a city is acceptable as a commercial location is determined by a variety of criteria, including population size and GDP.


Before starting a business in any city, it is very important to have complete information about that city.  Because every city is different from another city.  There may be different business-related facilities.

Government policies and other factors have a great influence.  For this reason, research should be done first for the most suitable city to start a business.

Which is given in detail in this article.  In this article, the world’s best and most suitable cities for business in every respect have been researched and included.



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