Audi has been accepting orders for its new electric compact SUV Q4 e-tron and its coupé derivative Q4 Sportback e-tron since April . Two variants are now expanding the portfolio: The Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron, the model with the longest range in the series, and the Q4 45 e-tron quattro as an all-wheel-drive variant can now be ordered.

The Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron has an 82 kWh battery in the vehicle floor, and with 534 kilometers per charge in accordance with the WLTP standard, it is the new range flagship in the Ingolstadt-based electric program. The new all-wheel drive model Q4 45 e-tron quattro with an 82 kWh battery pack also offers a range of 490 kilometers. The Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron costs from 49,500 euros before funding, the Q4 45 e-tron quattro starts at 50,900 euros.

In the Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron, an electric motor drives the rear axle, which has an output of 150 kW (204 hp). The sprint from standstill to 100 km / h takes 8.5 seconds, and a maximum of 160 km / h is possible. The Q4 45 e-tron quattro uses two electric motors for electric all-wheel drive. Together they bring it to 195 kW (265 PS) maximum output, which means it goes from zero to one hundred and further up to 180 km / h in 6.9 seconds.

The power consumption of the Q4 45 e-tron quattro is given as a combined 21.3 to 17.9 kWh / 100 km, that of the Q4 Sportback 40 e-tron with 19.6 to 16.8 kWh / 100 km. The drive battery of both models can be charged in up to 7 hours 30 minutes using the on-board charger on a wallbox. With public quick charging stations, the battery can be filled to 80 percent in up to 30 minutes.

Audi emphasizes that the Q4 e-tron series will be produced in a CO2-neutral manner. This has now been officially confirmed by TÜV certification as a “climate-neutral product”: “Audi ensures that CO2 emissions in the supply chain, in the entire production process and in logistics are partially avoided or reduced by using electricity from renewable energies, among other things have been. This expressly includes the production of high-voltage batteries. In a second step, Audi offset unavoidable CO2-equivalent emissions by supporting internationally recognized climate protection projects, ”says TÜV Nord.

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