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An Overview of Accredited Online Colleges

There has been a growing trend of online education with the ever-increasing e-learning resources on the Internet.

With the advent of Internet technology, the World Wide Web presents a somewhat elaborate picture of online training and educational institutes catering to the specific needs of the interested candidates who are into online education and training for reinforcing their career prospects.

The students are now well exposed to the vivid and intricate world of academic opportunities on the web: talking about numerous online degrees and diplomas from a host of different educational institutes.

Most of them advertise for a somewhat easier way to success, going through a less intensive course requirement with home-based classroom sessions, involving minimal credit participation.

This is, however, too good to be true, and most candidates who seek online educational training as a career backup usually fall prey to such enticing revelations on the Internet.

The students should therefore steer clear of such unaccredited colleges and institutes that offer online education at unbelievably low credit involvements.

Ideally speaking, a regular and accredited institution offers online course requirements at par with regular on-site degree programs in conventional colleges and universities.

The Accreditation Organization works in the public sector with approval from the Ministry of Education in the United States of America and conducts extensive surveys to review the overall educational and degree standards offered by these online academic institutes.

Without proper accreditation, which is a standardized certification of the undertaken academic training, it is extremely hard for a candidate to utilize an online awarded degree in the regular job market.

An unaccredited degree doesn’t provide any basis for comparison for the recruiters to assess the position of the applicant with respect to the other competitors.

Hence, accreditation organizations play a very crucial role in guiding the mass of online academic aspirants for picking out a proper institute to get the desired academic training.

Though these accreditation organizations in the USA are mostly non-governmental, they enjoy the mentorship of the USDE (United States Department of Education) and CHEA (Council for Higher Education Accreditation) and require referrals from these governing bodies before being able to review the academic standards of online educational institutes.

The recently amended Higher Education Opportunity Act not only signifies but also revises certain key aspects of the relationship between the Federal Government and the Accreditation Organizations in the USA.

The law implicates changes in the governmental requirements for accepting newer areas under accreditation in the higher educational sector.

The law also proposed some additional requirements to be implemented for those areas that are directly under the jurisdiction of federal scrutiny.

The final outcome of these new impositions will soon be available to the general public as per the specifications of the act.

With the increasing demand for academic and professional training to keep pace with the career demands in the fast-moving world, a large number of diploma and accreditation mills are creating dangerous and enticing scams on the Internet.

There are true quite a number of genuine accredited colleges, like, American College, Baker College, California State University – Dominguez Hills, Charles Sturt University, Capella University, Empire State College, and Golden Gate University, offering quality online education and training to the students in USA.

These award degrees are well accepted by organizations in both public and private sectors, genuinely helping the students to upgrade their careers.


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